Informatie about breastfeeding

Everything you want and need to know about breastfeeding can be found here. Why is it good and how can we help you?

Breastfeeding should be pleasant for mother and child, unfortunately this is not always the case. it may be that milk production is not starting properly or that you have sore breasts. Our maternity nurse keeps a close eye on how the feeding is going and records everything in your maternity booklet.

koppel zwanger met tablet

Tips for your pregnancy, delivery and maternity period

When you have a baby, a lot of information comes to you. You probably have all kinds of questions and there are many choices to make. Choices during pregnancy, childbirth and the first days with your newborn baby. We are happy to share our best tips and advice.

Intake bij ouders thuis

Informatie about the intake

During the intake interview, we will discuss your wishes during the delivery and the maternity period.
Where do you want to give birth? Do you have certain wishes from the maternity nurse? Do we have to take something into account?