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Tips for your pregnancy, delivery and maternity period

When you have a baby, a lot of information comes to you. You probably have all kinds of questions and there are many choices to make. Choices during pregnancy, childbirth and the first days with your newborn baby. We are happy to share our best tips and advice.

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During the pregnancy

Make sure you drink enough

Moisture is not only important for you but also for the growth of your baby. In addition, it helps against dizziness and constipation (blockage of the intestines). So drink enough, but preferably not too much coffee and cola. Caffeine is not so good for the little one. Of course you don’t drink alcohol at all.

Don’t worry about your weight

‍Your weight changes when you are pregnant. It’s different for every woman. There is no predicting how much you will gain and how quickly that will happen. Don’t worry about this and don’t try to lose weight. You desperately need the nutrients now!
As long as you eat healthy you’ll be fine. The midwife can also reassure or advise you on this.

Eating during pregnancy

‍ Some products are better left when you are pregnant. Especially raw products: red meat or raw fish, raw egg (also whipped egg whites) and cheese with ‘au lait cru’ on it. Smoked fish/meat is also not safe unless you heat it. You can have 1 slice of bread per day with liverwurst and pate. And you also prefer not to eat too much licorice, a maximum of 3 per day.

Preparing for childbirth

‍‍ With a pregnancy course you get tips for during childbirth. Think of breathing techniques, explanation about pain relief and information about exactly how a birth goes. That way you are well prepared.

During childbirth

Focus on your breathing during contractions

Contractions can hurt a lot. The pain causes some women to hold their breath or hyperventilate. Try to control your breathing by breathing deeply into your abdomen. If this is no longer possible, you can ‘puff’: you take a deep breath and exhale in small puffs. Make sure to breathe slowly again between contractions.

Keep moving

It is not necessary to go to bed with the first contractions. Try to distract yourself as long as you can. This distracts from the pain and when you stand or walk, gravity helps a hand to make the delivery go more smoothly.

Think about how you want to give birth

On TV, women usually give birth in bed. But there are more options. You can opt for a birth in a special birthing pool. Or sitting on a birthing stool. Read about the possibilities and choose what you feel comfortable with.

For the partner

As a partner you are the rock in the surf for your wife during the delivery. Stay calm and support her as she asks, even if she may react angrily because of the pain. Help her with breathing exercises and encourage her. Agree in advance what you will do if your baby cannot stay with mom in the hospital: will you go with the baby, or will you stay with your partner?

Maternity care for the whole family

Our maternity nurse is there for the whole family, but especially for you and your baby. She comes to your home for 8 days and teaches you everything about the care of your baby such as changing diapers, sleeping safely and bathing. She will help you to start breastfeeding or explain how to prepare bottle feeding. In addition, she checks the health of you and your baby.

During the maternity period

Don’t ask too much of yourself

After childbirth, your body needs time to recover. You have to get used to a new rhythm with your baby. It is logical that you are tired, quickly become emotional and physically less able. You don’t have to get out of bed or go for a walk as quickly as possible. Listen to your body.

Plan the visit well

‍Everyone wants to come and admire your baby. But all that visit takes a lot of energy. Feel free to say “no” to people, or ask them to come back later. You just gave birth, you don’t have to be polite now. Even if there is a visitor, you can ask them to leave at any time, for example because you want to sleep for a while or want to feed your baby in peace. Do you find this difficult? Ask the maternity nurse to help you with this.

No stress about breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is quite exciting. You and your baby have yet to learn and your milk production has to get going. A newborn baby often drinks small amounts. That’s enough for them, even if it doesn’t seem like much. If it doesn’t work out, our lactation consultant can come by to help you.

Keep food and drinks within reach and in stock

‍ It’s nice to have food and drinks in stock. For example, get fruit bars and freeze some meals so you don’t have to cook. If you sit down with your child, for example to feed, it is nice to have a bottle to drink and some food with you. If you stay a little longer, you will always have something within reach.

Tell if you’re sitting with something

‍The maternity nurse is not only there for medical support, but also for emotional support. Are you in doubt about something? Is something bothering you? Report it! Even if it has to do with the maternity nurse herself. We are happy to reassure you or discuss with you how things can be done differently.